Dear Resilience Practitioners:
While many of you are using group profiles effectively to help teams explore their combined responses to change, the Team Synergy Profile goes beyond this by including a second tool that evaluates the team’s effectiveness in combining and leveraging resources to create better results. This second tool is built on the model of Synergy described in Daryl Conner’s Managing at the Speed of Change. If you’d like to explore this a little further, Daryl blogs about the concepts of Synergy at

The combination of Personal Resilience and Synergy will help you focus teams on the things they need to do to enhance their performance during change.

The certification process will take you through the delivery of your first Team Synergy session. It includes online learning, one-on-one coaching, and applied practice.
For more information, see our Products and Services page. If you’re interested, please contact Jacqueline at or 404-371-1017 for more information. There are two prerequisites: PRP Certification and past experience in group facilitation.