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Podcasts and Interviews with Linda Hoopes

Several years ago we hosted a Resilience Radio show. Although we’ve paused it for now, you might enjoy these conversations to help you thrive in a turbulent world. We talk to people about how they’ve overcome life’s challenges, and chat with experts who help individuals and organizations prepare for the unexpected. Here are some samples:

The Power to Change the World

You Need Resilience for the Good Stuff, Too

Love Makes a Family

Resilience and Recovery

and more!

How to Help Others Adapt to Change, an interview on Heather Stagl’s radio show the Change Agent’s Dilemma.

Prosilience: Prepare for Change Before it Happens. In her second interview with Heather Stagl for her radio show, Linda discusses her new book, Prosilience: Building Your Resilience For a Turbulent World, and what it means to prepare for challenges.

Two interviews on Business Radio X in September 2013 and June 2017.

Two interviews with Dr. Charlotte Shelton and Jim Blake on Unity Radio’s Good Business radio show in June and November of 2010. 

Videos and Webinars 

Fueling Resilience: Human Energy Sustainability in Organizations  How effective is your organization at supporting and sustaining human energy? Energy fuels resilience, which helps organizations and their members adapt quickly and efficiently. This webinar covers the four kinds of energy that are used in responding to disruption and change, and organizational systems and practices that support human energy.

Expectations vs. Reality Dr. Hoopes and practitioner Jessica Bronzert of The Sparks Group, formerly of Lowe’s, co-presented on change capacity and demand at the 2014 Change Management Conference.

Blogs and Articles

In addition to the articles in Linda’s regular blog, here are some additional articles and guest posts featuring her work.

Five Steps to Navigating Organization Change, an article in Financial Post with contributions from Dr. Hoopes.

Three guest blogs for Luc Galoppin’s online magazine:


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