One thing that makes humans different from other animals is the ability to commit to a loved one. However, this ability sometimes makes us worried and obsessed: an unpleasant relationship can harm us both physically and psychologically. This entry hopes to help those who are in a difficult relationship and to encourage those who are too afraid to pursue intimate relationships.

Here are some blog posts that state common relationship problems and provide suggestions on how to solve them. This article discusses 4 things that can hurt relationships, 3 things that prevent these things, and the best predictor of how good a relationship is. “Negativity feeds on itself and makes the conversation stay negative…One of the most powerful things is to say ‘Hey, this isn’t all your fault, I know that part of this is me. Let’s talk about what’s me and what’s you.’ Accepting responsibility is huge for repair.”

This blog lists several common relationship problems, such as communication problem, and gives a list of possible solutions to each problem. It also points out that we need to face these problems and try to solve them, instead of avoiding them. “Don’t think that things would be better with someone else. Unless you address problems, the same lack of skills that get in the way now will still be there and still cause problems no matter what relationship you’re in.”

This post talks about relationship stress: what causes it and the consequences it can bring. It teaches the reader how to analyze the stress, so that we can find the right way to deal with it. It also encourages us not to give up and to do what we can so that we can have a satisfying relationship and happy self. “Nothing lasts forever in life – not the good times and not the bad times. I know that you can work towards resolving the issues and keep chipping away at the stress in your relationship.”

For those who are not in a relationship but are too afraid to pursue one, this video might help. Even though it is a little bit dated (Tinder has been around for a while now), it talks about why dating apps are so popular. It concludes that optimism is a key to resilience. When being rejected appears to be not that big of a deal, people are more optimistic, and thus are more likely to overcome this adversity. Therefore, start with something that can make us more optimistic, and then we will become more confident. Then, we can pursue the ideal relationship without hesitation.