Death can awaken a range of emotions, including fear, anger, and sadness. It separates us from those we love. When someone passes away, it is often hard for us to accept the truth that the person has left us. Some people never recover from the sorrow. The resources provided here can help you understand what is normal after losing a loved one, and give you some ideas about how to deal with the grief.

The loss of a child is a particularly poignant and deep form of bereavement. This article is about a mother whose 19-month-old son died and how she tried to recover from it. “Ultimately, our stories are uplifting ones and the ending is a happy one,” she says. “Because we have hit the bottom, we’ve gone to the lowest place you can go and found there was still something solid beneath our feet and that, eventually, we could start to climb out again. That’s a hopeful message, one I think it’s important to share.”

This blog tells a story of treating a couple who have lost their kids. It talks about the process of recovery from trauma, loss, or change. It not only includes some listed strategies, but also recommends meditations, books, and other resources. The author writes, “You too have the ability to tap into your inner courage, move forward with your life and even reinvent yourself.”

This post allows people to better understand their grief and how to deal with and recover from it. It explains grief well so that sufferers can know more about their emotions as well as how to deal with their emotions. It points out that it is important to learn what your mind and body need in this process. “Grieving the loss of a loved one due to illness is already a difficult process and caregiver burnout can compound your stress and exhaustion. Recognize the stress to your physical and emotional health that burnout can cause, and work towards healing your mind and body.”

Finally, this post gives advice to people who suffer from the death of a close friend. Its introduction says: “Your friend is dead. There is no returning from death and your heart is broken, you can’t stop crying and you feel like you have become a zombie. This sounds like a cliché but time will eventually heal your pain. You will never forget but someday you will live again, just as they would want you to.” It then offers 18 steps for working through the grief.