Graduation is one of the happiest moments in life. After years spent in school, we can finally walk into society and make use of what we have learned. However, after all the preparation and the glory of commencement, the real problem comes: searching for a job. Given such a complicated job market, it can be difficult for those who are fresh out of college to find an ideal job. If you’re a graduate still looking for a job, read on!

This story, whose author is a recent graduate from NYU, describes the frustration the author faced after college while finding her first job, and some of the actions she took to find it. She offers some very practical advice to graduates. “I made a plan. When I have a plan, when I know when my next move is, when I can predict—although no one can predict the future—but when I feel like I can expect what is coming I can function a lot better.”

This article gives specific advice on dealing with job-search stress after graduation. It also suggests ways to use technology, such as social media and social apps, in the search process. “Many college alumni struggle with their first job search because they may not have learned career management strategies in college. Remember, if you want your job search to succeed, use technology and other modern strategies to help—and keep a positive attitude!”

Other aspects of post-graduation life can be stressful, too. This blog defines Post Commencement Stress Disorder (PCSD), and suggests ways to cope. “This reaction is entirely normal and presently common, especially because of the uncertain job market. Take control of your emotions, allow yourself to feel blue, but then work your way out of your blues by focusing on your positive factors, including pride in what you’ve achieved.”

This post also gives advice on dealing with uncertainty after graduation. ” ‘What am I doing with my life?’ The answer may not be easy, but if you stay calm, believe in yourself, and follow your goals, you will eventually succeed.  This is the beginning of a beautiful chapter of your lives.”

And this website talks about dealing with graduation stress by focusing on health. It gives suggestions on how to increase health so that you can stay healthy and positive. “A healthy, well-rested body is one that is better able to fight stress. ”

 If you are a recent graduate, congratulations on your accomplishment! We wish you the very best as you step into the future.